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 Crawl Spaces
 Many homes built on crawl space foundations in the Southeastern United States suffer from poor moisture management. Some of the common symptoms of a crawl space moisture problem are:

      Mold or moisture damage in the crawl space or living area

      Musty odors in the living area

      Condensation ("sweating") on air conditioning ductwork or equipment

      Condensation on insulation, water pipes or truss plates in the crawl space

      Buckled hardwood floors

      High humidity in the living area

      Insect infestations

       Rot in wooden framing members


These symptoms are most often noticed in the humid spring and summer seasons but can occur at any time of the year. Often, the heating and air conditioning contractor is the first person the residents call to deal with the problem. Typically though, the problem is not due to a failure of the air conditioning system; it results from poor moisture control in the crawl space.

For many decades, building codes and conventional wisdom have prescribed ventilation with outside air as the primary method of moisture control in crawl spaces. In the humid Southeast, however, ventilation with outside air only makes moisture problems worse. Recent research by Advanced Energy and others indicates that a new type of crawl space system, with NO vents to the outside, can provide greatly improved moisture control and significant energy savings when properly installed.

Crawlspace Solutions, Inc. of North Carolina

      What's Hidden In Your Crawlspace Will Eventually End Up In Your Home...
Your home is constantly filled with tiny, invisible mold spores that float through the air. These spores are the main cause of allergies. An untreated, vented crawlspace is an air quality disaster waiting to happen. The bare earth under your home contains high levels of moisture. Natural airflow patterns, called the Stack Effect draws the air from the crawlspace upwards into your home. This air brings with it not only mold spores that can affect your health, but also moisture that enters your floor framing system, opening the door for wood rot.


- Advanced Energy

- NC Code R409

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With a combined 40 years of experience in the home building business, Crawlspace Solutions offers expertise and professionalism that is second to none.    

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